We stay up to date with the latest software and tools to ensure that we are in compliance with all contractors in the Houston / Austin areas.  The big thing in our “trade” right now is BIM (Building Information Modeling).  What is it you may ask?

It’s a process involving the creation of digital representations of physical and functional specifications of a facility.  The documents created using this process allow for better shared resources than previously hand drawn or overlaid plans as well as  typical paperwork.  Basically , when it comes right down to it…  it can be viewed as “doing stuff in 3D” of course theres a lot more that goes into it but this seems to be the most basic understanding of what Building Information Modeling is all about.  If you’re not sure what this topic is about, don’t worry.  We know the in’s and out’s and we have real world experience, so if your looking for an Electrical Contractor that can work with “BIM”… well, we are the ones you want.

Our I.T. department makes sure that no matter what… we are able to efficiently communicate with everyone and complete various tasks using specific hardware and services to accomplish our goals.  I.T. works closely with field and office personnel to make sure that everybody has the information they need when they need it.

Our Drafters can be on site to attend meetings and work from the field if needed.

Give us call or look us up when you need some Contract work done.  you won’t be disappointed, choosing Merit is choosing a winning team!